Thursday, 29 October 2015

Creation of Digital Materials Three year phased Project

Creation of Digital Material for interactive learning, a turnaround strategy that builds a solid foundation, an interactive and enjoyable teaching and learning of Mathematics. The project aims to flip, liven up classrooms, and make Mathematics practical, in order to improve learners’ performance and mathematics skills. Digital materials created  are used to deliver Mathematics lessons and  to impact on a larger scale, the materials are accessible both within the class and beyond and  learners interact with the materials. The digital materials are audible Office Mix, PowerPoint or OneNote lessons presentations that run when played. They have questions, quizzes, questionnaires and learners have to summarize/ make notes to show that they went through the materials. Toronto Primary school motto “Together we can” will be evident when I empower mathematics teachers in other grades and other schools in the Province to develop and use the digital materials for teaching and learning of Mathematics.


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