Friday, 14 August 2015

Creation of Digital Materials for Interactive Mathematics Learning

In this project as a Maths educator, I am developing digital materials using new technologies such as Office Mix, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Sway to liven up my classroom, to engage learners with  content , to develop learners' 21st Century skills and to enhance the quality of Mathematics teaching and learning.  The problem I have seen is that learners' performance in Mathematics is becoming  weaker every year than the previous year. Although the curriculum is changing every now and then, the fact remains that the curriculum is pre-digital and offered by pre-digital educators to digital learners. Although I was born before technology, I have taken initiatives to develop myself digitally hence I am able to prepare the digital materials. The digital materials I prepared will be available on my blog, OneNote and  Facebook. Both teachers and learners could access them on my blog and on my  Facebook page.

I will also inspire learners to develop their own materials to reinforce their Mathematics learning . They will create performances such as songs, plays, videos and many more and digital materials such as PowerPoints, Word  Documents, OneNote pages, Sways, e-books, Posters, etc. on computers and iPads. The performances and digital materials will be shared with other learners at school during assembly and  in the  classrooms  and will be made available on You Tube, my blog and the class OneNote.

Through this project I hope to see an improvement in learners' performance in  Mathematics.

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