Monday, 2 February 2015

Contextualised Games to learn Mathematics

In this project, learners created their own contextualized games after  multiplication lessons . As a starting point, all learners' games were accepted no matter how simple the Maths in it was. This encouraged learners to master content they wanted to create games on and that supported learning in a great way.

Outcomes of the project included among others improved focus, self esteem, improved attitude towards learning, interest in other concepts, participation in lessons and improved performance not only in Mathematics but in other subjects as well. The project also benefited me , as learners played the games there was  communication, interaction and on the spot intervention . I learned about their weaknesses and strengths which  under normal  circumstances is not easy more especially with reserved learners . After intervention , learners had to go back to the drawing board, work on the concepts and come up with something even better. Games are really cool for learning more especially at schools like Toronto Primary where number of learners in a classroom ranges between 50 to 65 learners.

After watching the video, feel free to make contributions; your suggestions and comments are of great value. If you are working on similar projects , kindly share your  findings and games as well.

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