Thursday, 11 December 2014

My article in the Teacher

As a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert 2015, Maths and Computer Literacy Educator, I use technology to achieve Mathematics learning objectives. Thanks to the innovation of introducing Teachers Competitions like Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, National Teaching Awards, ISPA, Stars in Education and many more, this has allowed me to grow and explore different ways of learning Mathematics through Computers. With Special Opportunities like Microsoft Educator Network Professional Development, Microsoft Virtual Academy, and many more to discover, I'm empowered to learn anytime anywhere how to effectively use Technology for Teaching and Learning, to develop my learners' 21st Century Skills, to collaborate with other educators not only in SA but in the entire universe and many more. My message to other Inspired Educators who would like Teach with Tech and grow in this field of Technology, the most important step in ICT, I learned from MSFTEdu  is "starting slowly and involving others". Please invite me to ADVENTURE into this field together, I’m prepared to “ hold your hand” throughout this journey. I’m also here because somebody else is there by my side as well. Thank you

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